Individual Services

Federal Income Tax Preparation

With the wide range of Do-it-yourself tax software and national chains that close after tax season can be a challenging decision to make. That is where EBS, Inc. makes it easy for you to make an appointment or to drop off your tax documents to one of our locations and worry no more. With a combined 66 years of experience and starting as low as $145 per return your decision has become easy. Call or leave a message to get your appointment setup.

State Income Tax Preparation

With many of the states having reciprocity agreements you will need the help of EBS, Inc. to navigate the state and local tax rules. Apportioning income on a multi-state income tax return can be very tricky and misleading. Here at EBS, Inc. we have the experience and dealings with all 50 states to help you with your state income tax returns. Starting as low as $55 per state tax return please Call or leave a message to get started.

IRS Tax Notices & Reviews

The Tax Payer Advocate Office reported approximately 31 million US Tax payers receive some form of IRS correction notice communication annually. The most common notice received is the CP2000 notice which is generated by the often miscalculating IRS audit software. The IRS has found almost 20 million discrepancies issued on CP2000 notices annually with 1 out of 3 CP2000 notices sent not resulting in additional taxes owed. Do not let that IRS notice go unanswered call us or leave a message to get your free consultation setup

Financial Planning

EBS, Inc. has many proud partners we refer out to in order to fulfill your financial planning needs. We begin by listening to your needs, and then complete review of your current financial situation. Only then no matter how much you have even if you are just starting to save we will design a Financial Plan for you. Call or leave a message to get more details.

Foreign Bank Account Reporting (FBAR)

We provide FinCEN FBAR services for our active and current clients. You are responsible for self-reporting and disclosing all information pertaining to monies totaling $10,000 or more aggregate in any foreign bank/institute account. We have years of experience using the BAE System and can help you understand your obligations how and to whom to report to including the IRS form 8938 that must be attached to your annual 1040 Individual Tax return. We also can help you file your 3520 return if you received foreign gifts from relatives just give us a call to see availability of these services.

Accountant Letter for Banks

This is an additional service that can be added to our active and current clients. If you need a letter from your accountant to the bank for your loan application, then we can help. Please call us to see availability of these services.

Notary Services

Call ahead or Walk-in for our Notary Services. Bonded and Commissioned as a Florida Notary Public.