Accounting & Bookkeeping

EBS offers a range of accounting services to individuals and businesses. Our company has a team that comprises of some highly experienced and devoted accountancy specialist, which are capable of helping you with all your financial requirements and business needs.

At EBS, our accountants go the extra mile to serve clients in the best possible way. They take time understanding all they can in about how your company operates daily, and then design a personalized accounting and bookkeeping services around your particular requirements.

Tax Preparation

EBS provides outstanding tax preparation services to corporations and individuals. We have highly skilled tax professionals that guarantee your tax return is 100% accurate, which enables you to receive a maximum refund.

Our tax preparation team examine your balance sheet and other significant data to categorize all items appropriately. They thoroughly analyze and interpret your company’s profit and loss to flawlessly prepare and process your tax returns. All-in-all, we help businesses to focus on their core operations and reduce stress.


Our payroll services are designed to meet the requirements of the tax and labor laws of the country. Further, they can be tailored to function according to the management and the financial structure of your company.

AT EBS, our payroll specialist team knows how important it is for your business to ensure error-free payroll management activities. Therefore, they make sure to provide timely and accurate services, which allows you to take your human resources management to a higher level. They promise you accurate processing every time, whether you require weekly, monthly, or semi-monthly processing of your payroll.

Financial Consulting

EBS financial advisory team has the expertise needed to successfully advise, implement, and support your personal and business financial goals. They are trusted financial executives that understand your financial needs and design a sound strategy to meet them.

Over the years of our services, our team has been able to solve every day financial issues of individuals, as well as growing companies. No matter what your economic problems are, our consulting services are here to provide you permanent improvement and long-term value.